funny anti-war T-shirt of the Day

funny anti-war T-shirt of the Day

Another one of Top Pun’s unique funny T-shirts to support peace, love understanding, and the common good.  Top Pun has designed a huge variety of cool and funny anti-war T-shirt designs for you and planetary citizens everywhere.  Top Pun loves to share funny, serious, and seriously funny T-shirts with all peace-loving folks.  Top Pun offers cool designs in diverse design categories, such as funny political peace, peace signs, anti-war, gay-lesbian, public health, Martin Luther King, Jr. and spiritual-religious.

funny anti-war T-Shirts

anti-war T-shirt

I Tank Therefore I Damn – FUNNY ANTI-WAR T-SHIRT

I Tank Therefore I Damn – FUNNY ANTI-WAR T-SHIRT

Anti-War   Anti-War T-shirts

The above T-shirt graphic links to T-shirts, but this graphic and all exclusive anti-war T-shirt designs are available on unique products such as T-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, stickers, posters, mugs, caps, magnets and key chains. Feel free to browse all of Top Pun’s funny, serious, and seriously funny T-shirts, buttons-pins, bumper stickers, stickers, posters, or all cool products. Or, browse leftist political stuff for the funniest leftist and liberal political stuff.

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War – Doing Our Doody – Were Number 2-FUNNY ANTI-WAR T-SHIRT with earth graphic

Liberty and Justice for Oil ANTI-WAR T-SHIRT

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Top Pun “Puns Not Guns” Manifesto

Some claim that puns are the lowest form of comedy. Dan, rather, says, “Guns are the lowest form of community.” Choose your weepin’! I prefer to hit ‘em in the groan. Though puns and untrained minds can produce a “Not see,” puns and arms go hand in hand when used as a righting instrument. Mixing puns with peace work puts you in the dis’armament business; and though rhyme doesn’t pay, the prophets are good. With puns, and sharing a little peace of mine, we can realize that one side fits all. In truth, it’s guns that have too “meanings” for the price of won. Sometimes it takes everything we’ve got to see the blight (as they say, “sinner takes all”). While some may feel it’s an impossible play on wars (a mortality play for sure), all it takes is a sick sense (no relation to paranormal parents). Let’s have some serious fun (a free for all). Justice is no yoke. Think good that the pun is mightier than the sword!

Dan Rutt, alias “Top Pun” (it’s just, my pun name)


These funny anti-war T-shirts are brought to you by, where Top Pun, an anti-war political activist, creates funny ANTI-IMPERIALISM designs and merchandise-products.

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